Music Survey of Furr by Blitzen Trapper

“Blitzen Trapper” are a six-piece independent musical gang situated in Portland, Oregon. They are Eric Earley (Vocals and Guitar), Erik Menteer (Guitar and Console/Piano), Brian Adrian Koch (Drums and Vocals), Michael VanPelt (Bass), Drew Laughery (Consoles/Piano) and Marty Marquis (Guitars, Console and Vocals). Blitzen Trapper was shaped in year 2000 and to date, they have […]

Music Survey of Armada Foxes’ Self-Titled Presentation Collection

“Armada Foxes” are a five-piece Seattle based non mainstream band. Their types incorporate outside the box society, people shake, elaborate pop, non mainstream shake and independent pop. Armada Foxes comprise of Robin Pecknold (Vocal and Guitar), Skye Skjelset (Lead Guitar), Jay Tillman (Drums), Casey Wescott (Console and Bass) and Christian Wargo (Bass and Console). As […]